S12POS multi language super version (lifelong version)

Support multi language, multi tax rate and multi currency purchase, sale, deposit and cashier software
trail software(nologo/multilanguage)http://shopspeed.com.cn/tmp/madeimg/POS_OM_ML.rar
trail software(nologo/Chinese):http://shopspeed.com.cn/tmp/madeimg/POS_OM_CN.rar
trail software(shopspeed/multilanguage):http://shopspeed.com.cn/tmp/madeimg/POS_SS_ML.rar
trail software(shopspeed/Chinese):http://shopspeed.com.cn/tmp/madeimg/POS_SS_CN.rar

download vedio(password 1216):https://pan.baidu.com/s/1M7lgbIZjvAG46p5s2j4xFw 

shopspeed Function introduction of S12pos cashier software

In order to combine with the practical application demand management, the login management software entrance is divided into two modules [background management] [front sales]. The main function of [background management] is to establish files, daily purchase, sales and inventory management, query reports and other functions, and the main function of [front sales] is to realize fast retail by cashiers. The following is the menu information of support functions.
back-stage management
Basic archivesCommodity classification、 commodity file、 additional attribute、 print label、 warehouse file、 shelf file、 current company grouping、 current company file、 customer file、 one product multi code setting、 commodity migration、 deleted commodity file、 currency、 tax type、 price system、 bank file、 default file、 salesperson file、 counter file
Purchasing businessIntelligent replenishment、 purchase order、 unreceived order、 quick warehouse entry、 purchase warehouse entry、 purchase return、 purchase price adjustment、 purchase daily summary、 commodity purchase summary、 commodity purchase details. 
Customer salesCustomer order sales order customer return order
Retail managementRetail cashier、 retail return、 retail daily settlement、 cash register setting、 collection method setting、 foreground parameter setting、 small ticket format setting、 text advertisement、 picture advertisement、 sales order query、 cashier summary report、 collection method summary、 cashier shift information、 user collection record、 sales grouping statistical report、 sales summary report、 sales period summary report、 sales details report Table、 cashier statistics chart、 single product sales chart、 salesperson summary report.
Promotion managementPrice adjustment、 price adjustment query、 preferential promotion、 time special promotion、 promotion information query、 commodity bundling.
Membership CenterVIP card files、 VIP card points statistics、 VIP card overdue points management、 VIP card sales record、 stored value card recharge、 consumption record、 customer consumption summary report、 customer consumption record query、 customer recent consumption record、 customer account record query、 reservation number setting、 member reservation management.
Inventory managementInventory query、 shelf life query、 warehouse transfer、 warehouse transfer out、 warehouse receiving、 inventory pre-processing、 sending commodity data、 inventory sheet input、 UN counted commodity processing、 inventory query、 inventory change、 inventory conversion、 commodity self use、 commodity loss reporting、 packing list、 packing list query、 inventory conversion summary report、 transfer self use scrap report、 commodity inventory exception record.
Financial AssistantFund account、 purchase payment、 supplier's a / P、 supplier's current account reconciliation details、 customer collection、 customer's a / R、 customer's current account reconciliation details、 customer's hanging account record query、 customer's hanging account collection、 non operating revenue and expenditure item setting、 non operating revenue and expenditure document、 expense expense document、 revenue and expenditure detail report、 revenue and expenditure summary report、 project revenue and expenditure summary report、 profit and loss statement.
Report centerBasic file (commodity price change record query、 deleted commodity file、 employee birthday query、 member birthday query)、 purchase report (supplier summary report、 supplier daily summary report、 supplier details report、 purchase daily summary、 commodity purchase summary、 commodity purchase details)、 sales report (customer sales list、 customer sales summary、 customer sales day) Summary table、 sales day summary、 commodity sales summary、 commodity sales details)、 inventory report (inventory conversion summary table、 withdrawal self use scrap report、 commodity inventory abnormal record)、 sales ranking、 inventory overstock commodity statistics、 commodity purchase、 sales and inventory query、 commodity purchase、 sales and inventory report、 commodity classified purchase、 sales and inventory report、 comparison of commercial sales revenue、 user operation record、 transaction record Query company history and unaudited documents.
systemModify login password、 set security issues、 switch users、 permission grouping、 user settings、 password management、 client settings、 backup and recovery (database backup、 backup and recovery)、 database management (import commodity library、 import commodity file、 import company、 import VIP card、 database update、 data cleaning、 data compression、 query analyzer)、 parameters Setting、 data collector setting、 report design、 exit system. 
Front desk sales
Cash registerSelect date and shift、 search、 appearance、 calculator、 help、 lock、 exit、 quantity、 discount、 salesperson、 return、 delete、 transfer in、 search for goods、 download information、 VIP card、 reprint、 inventory、 gift、 select machine number、 empty、 register、 return with voucher、 reservation / sales、 upload data、 customer information、 report center、 collection (payment method、 foreign currency) VIP card、 discount、 discount、 checkout).
Shift handover、 report center、 upload data、 re upload、 card query、 modify password、 change user、 data update、 download data、 practice mode、 repair file、 parameter setting (routine、 printer、 cash box and customer display、 real-time electronic scale、 system tools)、 exit program.