S12rs multilanguage version buy out edition

Support simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Khmer, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Thai, Burmese, Vietnamese, Lao
Compared with S12.0, s12.5 supports more languages: Thai, Myanmar, Laos and Vietnamese
trail software(nologo/multilanguage)RS_OM_ML 12.5.rar
trail software(nologo/Chinese):RS_OM_CN 12.5.rar
trail software(shopspeed/multilanguage):RS_SS_ML 12.5.rar
trail software(shopspeed/Chinese):RS_SS_CN 12.5 .rar

download vedio(password 1216):https://pan.baidu.com/s/1M7lgbIZjvAG46p5s2j4xFw 

shopspeed Function introduction of multilingual POS catering software
 In order to combine actual application demand management, the login management software entrance is divided into three modules [Backstage Management] [Front Desk Sales] [Fast Food Sales]. [Backstage management] The main function is to create files for daily order management, query reports and other functions. [Foreground Sales] The main function is to use the designated table room to place an order and pay after the meal. [Fast Food Sales] is the cashier Instant ordering, instant receipt and checkout, the following is the support function menu information.
Backstage management
 Sales operations: front desk sales, fast food sales, current-price dishes setting, special promotion setting.
Basic information: dining table classification, dining table details, kitchen printer, label printer settings, bank card classification, storage location, dish classification, dish details, practices, common information, common kitchen instructions, holiday settings, department information, image ads , Text ads.
Customer management: recharge packages, VIP card information, VIP card consumption records。
Inventory management: purchase management, transfer management, inventory management, inventory query, supplier summary report。
Financial assistant: fund account, income and expenditure project setting, daily project income and expenditure registration, income and expenditure detailed statement.
Report Center: Sales Reports (Receipt Summary Sheet, Sales List, Fast Food Sales List, Dishes Sales Details Sheet, Dishes Sales Summary Sheet, Sales Group Summary Sheet, Collection Period Chart), Special Records (Return Food Record, Gift Record, User Operation records, delivery address), inventory query
Electronic recipes: import scripts, terminal management, image ads, text ads, register server, cancel registration, synchronize data, publish recipes。
System: modify password, set password card, authority grouping, user settings, change users, backup and restore (data backup) database management (import dish details, database update, data clearing, query analyzer) parameter settings, report design, print format Set up, replace the print server, exit the system
Front sales
Front desk sales: opening sales (select the date and shift, opening, ordering (quantity, cancellation, empty, unit price, discount, mark-up, practice, gift, remark, rename, refresh, modify package, takeaway/normal food, table information, Split/combined orders, reprint, urge dishes, kitchen communication, open printing, find dishes, clear settings, confirm orders) checkout (VIP card, room/table fee, tea fee, service fee, discount, tax rate , Discounts, checkout confirmation (bank cards, checks, cash coupons), temporary settlement list, return) entire order deletion, VIP card, current price setting, reservation, cash box opening, sales records, cash register summary, inventory query, machine clearing report , Parameter setting, lock) Shift report, machine cleaning report, change password, open cash drawer, change user, parameter setting, summary report, return to desktop, shutdown
Fast food sales
Fast food sales: fast food sales (select date, shift, quantity, delete, empty, unit price, discount, method, gift, change name, select unit, modify package, update information, sales record, kitchen communication, open cash box, clear settings, return, Package, special promotion, search, brand, lock, checkout (disable printing, regular food, takeaway, meal delivery, tax rate, VIP card, discount, clear, remarks, checkout, cancellation) exit) shift report, clearing report, modification Password, open cash drawer, change user, parameter setting, summary report, return to desktop, shutdown.